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This is a very unique idea. Instead of losing a fortune, your home or marriage, because of a bad gambling strategy with me by your side, or by learning my methods you cannot lose.

I live in Las Vegas and this city has done very well for me. I am a math genius and 45 year gambling professional that teaches winning formulas that work in the casinos. With me you do not need good luck to win, you need bad luck to lose

I have taught many thousands of students and if my method does not work every single time during the lesson the lesson is absolutely free! I run the only school of its kind that is located less than 5 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.

I will show you how and why we take the 50/50 out of gambling. I put the odds in our favor by combining numbers on the progressive levels.

I teach craps and black jack. You don’t need to know anything about either to be successful. You do not even have to know how to spell gambling to ace the methods within 60-90 minutes. Just let me teach you. I can show you, if you have the patience, scenarios that lose only once every 72 hours. If you want to learn, you came to the right place. I’m the Dice Doctor, the only person to ever run a school in Las Vegas that teaches you how to win in casinos. Conceirges were taught my methods and referred business. I have taught teachers, priests, doctors and cab drivers and I can teach you.

This website is for individuals or event planners or destination management companies or casino party people or event directors or anyone who wants a genius to speak at a function for a welcome party or seminar or for any form of corporate event. Professional lessons start at an affordable rate of just $97. Your invited to come in to take a full lesson for $500 and you could divide that up amoung 2, 3 or 4 friends. Again if the method does not work every single time the lesson is free!

Please note: When we gamble, we do it as a business and we expect to earn most of the time.

Winning is for lucky people. We earn our money. When I am in valet parking, I already know what I am going to earn!

To earn you need:



You must have three bankrolls (using $6,000 as an example).

For the $6,000 Method, our goal is to earn 15% of our bankroll ($1,000 per day), and the discipline is simply, leave the casino after you achieve your goal of earning $1,000. If we win 9 times out of 10, which, as I will show you, is quite plausibile, over the period of a month that is 27 times out of 30.

27 Wins……………………………………….$27,000

3 Bankroll Losses………………………….$18,000

Net Profit…………………………………….$9,000

If my methods do not work every time during my lesson against a random outcome generation dice roll simulator, there is no charge. What do you have to lose?

Visit the Dice Doctor today at

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